Day 353: The Return of Tuesday Houdini and Tuesday Tries Her Hand at Bartending

I consider Harry Houdini, magician and escape artist, to be one of the greatest escape artists of all time – and, apparently so does Tuesday.  Tuesday has demonstrated that she cannot be confined by man-made or natural barriers.  She has further exhibited great skill and resourcefulness in escaping situations that would otherwise have her blocked or confined to an area.  Her strength for her age is unmatched and is quite impressive (sometimes) when employed to assist in her breakout.  Indeed, Tuesday could be the long-lost daughter of the Great Harry Houdini.

I have noted the skills and behavior that I have just described for some time now.  However, I wish to further illustrate her skills as they were employed yesterday at the tribal elder’s abode.  The tribal elder’s abode is a large structure of two levels, an upstairs and a downstairs.  There are multiple rooms that the natives area allowed to move about freely and doors closing off certain rooms from the rest of the abode.  Tuesday has already discovered how to work many of the doors in this abode and is better than exceptional about getting from room to room.  The stairs in the abode total seventeen and lead to a hallway and resting chambers on the second floor.  These stairs have been blocked off by a tension gate barrier that until now has successfully kept the natives from climbing the stairs on their own.

Enter Tuesday Houdini.

Whilst by herself and with no other elders or natives around, Tuesday tore down the gate with the strength of a pachyderm, discarding the barrier on the floor at the base of the stairs and proceeding to climb the stairs to loftier heights.  Fortunately, one of the tribal elders was at the top of the stairs, intercepting the escaping native, and then proceeded one-by-one back down the staircase back to the first floor of the abode.  This was escape attempt number one.

The tribal elder replaced and repositioned the gate in the hopes that being a bit tighter and stronger that the native would not be able to tear it down. Again.  However, these efforts were ill-fated, as are most attempts to confine Tuesday, for as soon as no one was in sight, Tuesday tore down the gate and proceeded up the staircase again, however, being wise to her activities, I caught her mid-staircase and implored her to return to the bottom of the stairs.  She looked at me, looked at the top of the staircase, and proceeded with her former intentions.  Drat.  I scurried up the stars behind her meeting her at the top.  Again, she looked at me and proceeded to find an avenue of escape, however, all avenues of escape ended in dead ends.  Seeing that escape was futile, she gave in and I took her back to the first floor, the gate was replaced and the door to that portion of the abode was closed, barred from her access.  This was escape attempt number two.

No further attempts were made at this point.  The native was successfully corralled shortly thereafter the tribe made their way back to the tribal abode.

I would also wish to note that I observed Tuesday earlier in the day, at the tribal elder’s abode, attempting to demonstrate bartending skills.  Here is the scene:  The tribal leader had decided to lay down on the tribal elder’s reclining tribal furniture to help rid herself of a headache whilst watching Tuesday.  The door to the room adjacent to the tribal living area was propped open, granting free access to anyone.  Previously, the tribal elders and natives used that side room to eat in, leaving beverages in red plastic cups on the eating surfaces, most with the beverage still in them.  Apparently, Tuesday was just waiting for the tribal leader to fall asleep to make her move.  I do not know when or for how long Tuesday was sitting on the communal eating surface, pouring liquid from one cup to the other, however, I do know that she was quite surprised when I found her.  Startled, in fact.  There was liquid on the eating surface, on her, and remarkably still in the cup.  Not surprising really.  Tuesday has been fascinated with transferring liquid from one container to another of late, to a fault.

As can be surmised, I removed her from the situation and proceeded on to a different activity.  Once again, some valuable lessons were learned:  1. Do not leave open beverages out where natives can get to them. 2. Do not fall asleep whilst watching natives, the results can be disastrous. 3. Get a stronger gate.  If no stronger gate can be found, seal off the area.  4. Do not underestimate the skill and quickness of the natives.  And, lastly, 5. When chasing after natives, ensure that they are chased into an avenue with a dead-end.


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