Day 354: Lock, Stock & Barrel…

I am exhausting all of my options.  I truly am.  There are only so many things that I can take away from the natives as punishment for disagreeable behavior before public flogging becomes the only option that remains.  I have heard the word  “No” from Tuesday far more than is necessary and considerably far more than I tolerate.  As I have stated on numerous occasions, I do consider myself to be a man or reasonable patience and of sound mind.  Or, at least I did.  About a year ago.  Both of the natives have assisted me in realizing that while patience may be a virtue, and while I may be a man of reasonable patience, patience is no match for the persistent and detrimental attacks of the natives.

As of late, particularly in the past week, Tuesday has adopted a new behavior that is frowned upon by the tribal leader and myself.  This behavior involves a beverage, and often times another container, capable or sometimes incapable of holding liquid.  The activity that Tuesday engages in is thus: whilst appearing to attempt to consume her beverage, she will take a mouthful of whatever beverage she is drinking (this activity has been performed with dairy beverage, water, ice tea, and lemonade to date) and spit it into the empty container that she has prepared for that purpose.  Normally, her attempts at this behavior are thwarted within the first two mouthfuls of beverage, however, she has been known to fill a small bowl using this procedure.  Upon discovering her employing this behavior, I disarm her of  her beverage and container being filled and attempt to clean up the mess.  Tuesday is less than precise when spitting the liquid into the empty container, causing the beverage to be spilled all over whatever surface she is utilizing.

On further contemplation on this behavior, I have determined that it must be some kind of ritual that the native is performing that must have some tribal significance.  I have heard in some tribal cultures where natives suck the poison from a snake bite to remove it from a victim’s bloodstream.  Fortunately, there are no poisonous reptiles living inside the tribal abode (that I am aware of) and I am reasonably positive that the beverages that Tuesday consumes do not contain poisons of any kind.  I am still bewildered as to the reason for the behavior.  I surmise that I will have further opportunities to observe this behavior and to put an end to it as well.

Normally, Tuesday is allowed to go into the mechanical cooling apparatus and retrieve her beverage of choice.  This ability has been met in the past with mixed results.  For, on numerous occasions, I have apprehended the young native with and not limited to eggs, cheese sticks, gallons of dairy beverage, indigenous fruit and more.  However, I must, in all fairness, state that the native has, on occasion, retrieved items from the cooling apparatus on command, such as Wednesday’s beverage, and if Wednesday’s beverage is not sufficiently full to her standards, she will grab the gallon jug of dairy beverage to amend the situation.  Indeed, Tuesday does have her useful moments.  However, this is clearly not one of them.

My patience at this point was clearly depleted.  My anger was being provoked, particularly when being told “No” from Tuesday in response to requests to refrain from her “drink and spit” behavior.  Clearly she was attempting to defy my authority.  Therefore, I stood my ground and found a suitable solution to the situation.

Thus, I give you, exhibit A., the mechanical cooling apparatus’ new locking mechanism.

This new locking mechanism is a fantastic solution to my growing problem.  Tuesday has yet to discover how to open the lock depicted in the picture above and it has thwarted her “drink and spit” behavior for the time being.  I have made it abundantly clear to the young native that her “drink and spit” behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  I have also implemented a “check-in, check-out” procedure for her to consume her beverage.  The beverage does not leave the food preparation area and she must consume it prior to returning to the tribal living area.

As can be imagined, this was not met with Tuesday’s approval.

I have seen tantrums that have not been seen the likes of in the history of the world.  I have witnessed Tuesday’s full rage and discontent.  She has demonstrated that she is among other things, displeased with the new arrangement.  Indeed, Tuesday was quite pissed.

All in all, though, I must state that this arrangement is working out quite well.  Amidst the tantrums and disagreeable behavior, we have seen a decrease in Tuesday’s “drink and spit” behavior.  I say “decrease” because on every occasion she gets, she will perform her drink and spit ritual before being apprehended and her activity ended.

I am unsure on how long the new locking mechanism will remain in affect on the mechanical cooling apparatus.  Given Tuesday’s behavior, it could be for some time to come.  As for me and my patience with the young native, I am beginning to regain some of that which was lost.  I think too much water has passed over the dam for me to regain all of the patience I once had, however, every little bit helps.


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