Day 355: Tuesday Continues Her Swath of Destruction…

The natives must possess (or be possessed) an inherent desire to destroy, injure and maim all objects in their path.  Each day, they find new opportunities to mangle fragile things that should not be in their possession.  Today’s item of choice is a digital media case, of course with the media disc still inside, or attached to it.  Seen below is the mangled object with some makeshift repairs made to it.

As can be determined, the case to this digital media is in significant disrepair.  It has been the object of Tuesday’s fascination, or rather destruction recently and today was indeed the final straw.  The protective plastic covering that also holds the media’s jacket to the case has been nearly torn away from the case itself.  The jacket, I’m afraid is almost unrepairable and I have still yet to locate the missing piece.  I used a clear adhesive to connect the two pieces found, however, with some difficulty.  The digital media, during this episode was untouched.

After retrieving the pieces to the case, I sternly reprimanded Tuesday, the culprit of the crime, with what seemed to be the one millionth reprimand issued this week SO FAR.  She took the reprimand with indifference and immediately gravitated to another activity, apparently quite disinterested with my stern castigation.  She will take notice when she has no more digital media to watch, now won’t she?  I repaired the digital media and have it currently in my possession.

Since, the natives have been “playing” if one could call it that in the tribal living area.  The object or plaything that has currently got the attention is an electronic keyboard in the shape of an orange feline.  This particular toy is quite annoying in that when the natives find the correct combination of keys to press, it spouts tones in the form of “meows”.  The other particularly annoying feature of this wonderful, wonderful music maker is the volume control.  It is FAR TOO EASY to raise the volume on this toy and the natives are far to adept at raising the volume, perhaps to match their own.  This toy is usually a point of contention in the tribal abode, but for now it appears to be a group activity.

Who knows what the remainder of the day entails.  Perhaps there will not be anymore destruction in the abode. However,  I think this is wishful thinking.


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