Day 367: The Natives Continue Their Swath of Destruction Through the Tribal Living Area

Today the natives are demonstrating their destructive abilities to completely trash the tribal living area.  What was once a passable thruway has now become an impassable, destruction zone, the likes of which has not been since the second World War.  How do I permit such destructive activity to occur?  Let me explain. It has been my experience over the past year that efforts to resist and obstruct the natives from causing the tribal living area to appear as a demilitarized zone are futile.  As many times as I can rectify the mess, they can, inevitably, return it to its previous state.  Below are images of the current state of the tribal living area.

It is impressive, and frightening, to note that this chaos was only caused by two natives, not a pack of heathens passing through armed with mauls and shillalahs.  And, I wish to note that only one of the natives responsible for this damage can walk.  Yeah, that’s right.  We’re dealing with a real demolition team here.  The pair do not seem to work in tandem; that is, they do not work together during demolition activity.  Rather, the demolition duo subscribe to the “divide and conquer” method of causing destruction.  As can be seen in the images taken while surveying the damage, no paper spared, no toy left untouched.

I would like to draw attention to the second image, that features numerous publications scattered about, pages ripped off, laying in the wake of the destruction.  This is the handy work of Wednesday the Destroyer.  Wednesday has a particular affinity towards clearing the surface in the tribal living area that normally holds publications, disposable wipes and other items that might have cause to be on it.  Having learned on several previous occasions that the disposable wipes are an unfavorable item to leave in Wednesday’s reach, those were removed and placed at a higher elevation so that she could not exercise her ninja skills by removing each wipe from the container, in addition to her sweeping all items off the tribal living area surface.  I would also be inclined to note that this destruction had already by performed SEVERAL times this morning. And, each time, I endeavored to clean up the affected area, sadly to no avail.

The remainder, and perhaps the bulk, of the damage was caused by both natives, Tuesday the Terrible and Wednesday the Destroyer.  Tuesday tends to be selective in her destructive ways; she often methodically picks and chooses the areas she intends to destroy and quietly goes about her chaos.  Wednesday, on the other hand, displays no discretion, or caution for that matter, in hurling objects from their resting place, across the area, plunging into objects in its path.  The bulk of the damage was created over the course of the afternoon; only mild damage was sustained this morning.

In addition to the swath of destruction caused by the natives, they have been particularly contentious throughout the day.  Tuesday refuses to share anything with her younger sibling whether it be sustenance or a plaything and will often remove objects from her sister’s grasp, causing disagreeable behavior from Wednesday.  Wednesday has been showing disagreeable behavior throughout the day, fussing for no apparent reason.  I have reminded Tuesday on numerous occasions that she is required to play with her sister as well as share playthings with her as well.  This is usually met with a “NO!” in which case I respond with a “YES!” more sternly.  On occasion, such as today, I have had to take a plaything away from both natives since squabbling over the item is not an option.  This is always met with more disagreeable behavior from both natives.  Sigh.  It’s five o’clock somewhere…

I do think the natives are making progress in interacting civilly with each other.  I do.  However, just not today…



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