Day 411: Wednesday Begins Taking Strides Around the Abode; Tuesday Demonstrates Her Medical Knowledge

It has indeed been some time since I last recorded the exploits of the natives and during this time, Wednesday has developed the ability to toddle.  I wish to clarify this statement as she does not “walk” per se, rather, she moves her legs in a walking motion, resembling those of Frankenstein’s monster.  On occasion, she will walk, I mean toddle, across the floor of the tribal living area, only to fall perhaps out of fatigue of crossing the distance on foot.  She gets quite excited and animated whilst toddling; her arms flail and her screeches and squeals fill the air while she moves, almost as though her mobility depends on the extra activity.  Nonetheless, Wednesday is quite mobile and steps have been taken to confine her to certain areas.

In addition to Wednesday’s new-found walking abilities, she has discovered the fine skill of climbing.  Wednesday’s climbing abilities rival her elder sibling’s, however, she is still limited to what her height will allow her to reach.  Currently, her skills allow her to climb up on the following pieces of furniture: the reclining tribal furniture, a tribal arm-chair, the large wooden chest that serves as a surface on which to lay publications and other objects, and a wooden toy box.  In fact, I have discovered her standing on the wooden chest in the tribal living area. Several times.  And, I have removed her from said surface. Several times.  When sternly admonishing Wednesday to refrain from climbing up on surfaces such as the wooden chest, she will exhibit the following response: cocks her head slightly to one side, looks up at me, cracks a tiny little smile and attempts to be as cute as she possibly can.  Your jedi cute tricks will not work on me, native.  And, promptly, I enforce my former request.

The obstructions placed on the outskirts of the tribal living area to corral Wednesday are also ineffective.  Recently, she has discovered the finer points of passing the barrier – a three-foot wooden stool, wedged between two pieces of furniture, laid on its side.  To pass the obstruction, she performs the following feat: holding on to one of the pieces of furniture, she carefully places one of her feet between the rungs on the stool.  Once firmly placed, she PIVOTS the foot, swinging her other leg over the other side of the stool.  Upon planting the other foot, she removes the pivot foot from its position and continues on her way.  Dammit.  Who the hell is teaching them this shit?  Regardless, I have placed another barrier beyond the stool which has, until this forenoon, been effective.  My efforts will indeed need to be upgraded to stay ahead of this native.

Whilst Wednesday is testing her boundaries, so to speak, Tuesday has moved on to bigger and better sciences.  Tuesday has discovered a particular program on the electronic media box – about a girl who repairs her stuff playthings after they come alive.  It is a particularly tolerable program, and one that Tuesday enjoys quite well.  Since she has discovered this program, Tuesday has taken an interest in the medical arts – those ancient rituals of the Medicine Man.  Methinks Tuesday is more interested in caring for animals than people, however no one appears to be safe from her “check-ups.”  Below is a picture of Tuesday checking the mouth of one of her toy canines, using a nail file as a tongue depressor.

I am in the hopes that Tuesday’s interest in the medical arts continues for it could be a lucrative profession for her in the future.  As for her efforts to practice “check-ups”, I hope that she refrains from performing any medical treatment on myself, Wednesday and the wildlife.


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  1. But the Tribal Leader is fair game???


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