Day 425: Another Casualty of Native Curiosity

There’s probably a good reason why the tribe cannot have nice things.  In fact, there are two good reasons.  Their names are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Curiosity killed the cat and may damn near get the natives in hot water as well.  It appears that when the natives are unsupervised, meaning quite simply, out of my line of sight, that they will incredibly get into everything they’re not supposed to.  Shocking, I know.  The list, thus far, includes coloring on the electronic media box, playing in the drinking water for the wildlife, triggering the electronic cleaning solution dispenser so that a pile of the liquid solution puddles on the  latrine counter, removing drinking liquids and other sustenance type items from the mechanical cooling device without assistance – the list goes on and on.  And, one would think, that I would have learned my lesson by now – not to leave the natives unattended, or at least unsupervised.  One would think.

Today’s episode involves a device that serves as a working surface for the tribal leader’s electronic media device.  This surface features a fan inside it as to cool the electronic media device whilst operating, an adjustable surface for the device and it HAD an adjustable light to enable the user to see in low light instances. You will note that I stated “had” on the last feature.  This is because today, one of the natives, and I have a pretty good idea who, the light was ripped off from the adjustable arm that it was attached to.

Thus, I give you, Exhibit A.

Now, the force required to remove said fixture from its location needed not be great; and I wish to note that this feature was not working properly prior to its removal.  However, considering who I believe removed said fixture from its location, I am amazed that the suspected native, because clearly it wasn’t one of the wildlife creatures, had enough force to remove the object.  And, in typical ninja fashion, the native executed the deed in silence, leaving only the arm of the light and a thin blue wire protruding from it.  Thus, I give you Exhibit B.

For those who may have solved the clues that I have laid down, Wednesday is indeed the culprit of the crime.  The object is, I believe, beyond repair, unless some advanced measures can be taken to repair or replace the detached fixtures.

I have alerted the tribal leader who was less than pleased with this development, to say the least.  I have restricted the natives’ access (including Tuesday because though she wasn’t involved this time, she was responsible for causing the light to not work in the first place) and will be monitoring their activities more closely, particularly when in the area of the tribal leader’s electronic media device.

Tuesday has continued to show contrary behavior when requested to perform specific activities.  The usual response of late is “I don’t want to” preceded by a definitive “NO!”  I wish to note, before my time is done with the natives, I will make it my personal mission to strike that freakin’ phrase from her vocabulary.

However, I do wish to clarify – I wish to strike the phrase from her repertoire of responses until she is in her teenage years.  Then, and under the right circumstances, she may say it as often and as many times as she feels necessary to do so.

However, I digress.  The point here and most importantly is, I will win.  In the end, I will win.  I just wish I knew when the end was going to be.


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