Day 461: Tuesday Demonstrates Primitive Architectural Building Techniques

It has been three weeks since last I recorded any activity in the tribal abode which is not to say that the natives have not been, shall we say, busy.  On the contrary, they have been keeping me quite busy and often times at wit’s end.  Hence, the absence of new reading material.  Most of the activity demonstrated and exhibited by the natives has been ordinary – business as usual, if you will.  With Wednesday’s new-found ability to toddle, and Tuesday’s continued ability to climb, run and scale objects and furniture, there hasn’t been a dull moment in this dwelling for quite some time.  Today, I have found a few “quiet” moments to record some recent events of the natives, particularly the architectural skills of Tuesday.

Tuesday has continually demonstrated her ability to devastated and destroy – it appears to be in her very nature.  However, today, I caught a rare glimpse into her less chaotic, more focused side – her ability to build.

She first drew my attention to her creation by imploring that I come into the tribal living area, eager to display something to me.  Before my arrival at the “building site”, which I’m certain she had no building permit for, I cringed at the thought of what she had concocted – a disassembled electronic media box remote control, a stuffed animal crammed into a tiny container, crayon on God knows what surface – the ideas ran through my brain.  I was remarkably relieved, and impressed, that what she was eager to show me was this small structure built upon the table in the tribal living area.

The materials she employed for her structure were makeshift; nothing of any great significance and all materials found about the tribal living area.  The architectural structure seen below consists of wooden blocks and nuts, puzzle pieces, small paper booklets, plastic cupcake bottoms, a magnet and a baseball.  Pictured in front of the structure, dubbed a “castle” by Tuesday is a small plastic figurine, which I can only assume is the inhabitant of said “castle.”  I must admit, the only reason this “castle” is still standing is that Wednesday is resting in her resting quarters; if she were awake and about the tribal living area, the structure would be destroyed, scattered about the room.  I do expect this behavior once Wednesday awakens, much to Tuesday’s chagrin.  Due to Wednesday’s volatile nature ( the girl can’t stand to see anything stacked or built ) I have documented Tuesday’s structure for future reference.

 I can only assume that the future holds more construction for Tuesday – and, I expect the structures will get more complex with each new build.  I believe her biggest challenge will not be in creating and building new structures – on the contrary – I think her biggest challenge will be keeping those structures standing while being constructed and away from Wednesday the wrecking ball.


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