Day 486: Tuesday…I Don’t Know What the Hell She’s Doing…

I think I need to start meditating. Chanting.  Needlepoint.  Knitting. Something.  The natives are driving me to the brink of insanity but wait – aren’t pushing me over the edge.  Rather, they appear to enjoy seeing me teeter on the edge of sanity and craziness.  This behavior has been employed over the past several weeks and is now getting, shall we say, old.  And, I am honestly, getting rather upset by it.  Like bullshit.  So, I’m bullshit and borderline insane, just about all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, the natives have their moments when they’re not agents of chaos.  They’re few and far between, but they have them.

This past weekend, the natives and I, later accompanied by the tribal leader, took a multiple overnight excursion to the tribal elders for what would be a religious ceremony centered around Wednesday.  The ceremony of baptism, common among the tribes in this culture, was performed at the abode of the tribal elders, with most of the immediate relatives of the tribe in attendance.  As with most tribal gatherings, there was a spread of sustenance – enough to choke a herd of horses.  The food was delicious as it always is and the ceremony was short, but meaningful.  Wednesday was welcomed into the faith of the tribe and all in attendance rejoiced in her baptism.

Prior to the event, however, and knowing that there would be a photographic image taking opportunity, both natives, Tuesday and Wednesday sustained injuries that would leave noticeable blemishes on their cherub-like ( I say cherub-like because the natives are the furthest from being cherubs) faces.  Fan-freakin’-tastic.  Wednesday incurred a small cut under her right eye and a matching bruise on the opposite cheek.  Tuesday, not watching where she was going and what she was doing incurred a fat lip.  Both natives are fine and were not injured beyond the wounds I just mentioned, however, both sets of injuries are now immortalized by photographs, documenting this momentous occasion.

On to today’s…well, whatever it is…

Whilst attending to Wednesday, placing her in her resting quarters for a rest period, Tuesday began to create some sort of slab-bed for herself in the tribal living area.  Seen below, she first scattered all of objects that had been on top of that surface, on to the floor and then proceeded to make a simple bed on top of the cedar chest, serving as a beverage surface in the tribal living area.  What isn’t seen here is the blue hard plastic “pillow” she had employed that appeared very uncomfortable from my standpoint, but hey, who am I to judge comfort for young natives?  She continued to lay here and watch the electronic media box, as though she were laying in bed.  Go figure.

I don’t believe that she’s tired, nor is she ready for a rest period.  Hell, her sister is still bellowing from their resting quarters, wide awake.  Sigh.  For now, I’m teetering more towards sanity as the natives appear calm, however, it may not take much to push me back towards insanity and chaos.


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