Day 635: Tuesday Attempts to Dress Herself

There are days, most of them recent, that I strongly desire that the natives were not quite so able as they are – that they’d think about asking for assistance when attempting to perform an action they have not completely mastered yet.  I have experienced multiple occasions previously with the natives when the natives, particularly Tuesday, will attempt to either A. get something that she wants that is out of her reach (for good reason), B. perform an action that requires a little more hand-eye coordination (ie pouring a beverage from the mechanical cooling device), or C. changing from one outfit to the other, with minimal difficulty.  Today’s post includes the latter, as experienced yesterday.

Tuesday already in her young age of three years old demonstrates the seemingly common female need and desire to constantly, or at least frequently, change her outfit at will.  She has often been found, wandering the tribal abode, stripped to her disposable undergarment, in search of a certain outfit, or perhaps a single article of clothing.  On some occasions, she has discovered where her clothing is stored in her resting chambers and demonstrates the ability to removed said clothing, piece by frigging piece, depositing the articles of clothing that she doesn’t want to wear on the floor.

Yesterday’s episode begins with myself, working at the communal eating surface in the food preparation area.  The natives were going about their business in the tribal living area and playing reasonably quietly in their resting chambers – I wish to note that their resting chambers doubles as a play area for the natives during the day, as does the tribal living area.  Both are trashed frequently.  Soon however, all grew quiet.  Too quiet.  I rose from my seat to observe what the natives might be up to and that’s when I saw that Tuesday had changed her outfit. Sort of.  I beckoned her to the food preparation area for a closer look at her wardrobe selection.

That’s when I discovered what articles of clothing she had selected for wearing for the day.  Below is how she appeared when I beckoned her to my location.

photo-35Tuesday had chosen a long-sleeved, purple Halloween shirt, which was being properly worn.  For her bottom half, Tuesday had selected a nylon shirt that had a fair amount of give to it, which is how she got it over her legs and feet, which featured a small canine in a festive outfit on her rear end, or it would have been on her rear end except that the shirt did not stay when pulled up.

After chuckling to myself over the absurdity and applauding her for at least getting the shirt right (her ingenuity for putting the shirt on for pants was reasonably inventive too), I documented the occasion because, hey, this could be blackmail later in life, and accompanied her to get some proper leg wear or pants.

This was the only wardrobe change during the day yesterday and after this episode, she did not attempt to get herself dressed again.


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