Day 685: Sunny Days and Wednesday Falling Down

All good things must come to an end – fun times, sunshine, little fluffy kittens – they all end at some point:  fun times often turn into not-so-fun times, sunshine turns into clouds and rain, and kittens eventually grow into abhorrent felines.  Yes, all good things eventually end – and today was no exception.  The weather outside the abode today was truly remarkable, when compared with that of the day prior.  Yesterday, the temperatures outside the abode struggled to reach forty degrees – uncharacteristic for a day in late April.  Today, however, is the complete opposite – warm sun has driven temperatures to over seventy degrees – temperatures perfect for taking the natives outside for some exercise on the outdoor exercise apparatus.

Taking the natives outside the abode to play is a lot like walking an exuberant canine; for when finally opening the door to the outside, the natives, in a flurry of haste and activity, push past me, nearly knocking me over to get outside the abode, much the way an exuberant canine would just to be pulling along its owner by the leash.  Once having clearing the door, the natives make a b-line for the outdoor exercise apparatus, fighting each other to be the first one there.  I usually have to admonish the natives to be careful, particularly Tuesday, to be careful of her younger sibling and to not knock her over.  Wednesday is considerably less agile and more prone to being hurled to the ground by her elder sibling’s forceful antics.  Regardless, both natives arrived at the outdoor exercise apparatus, ready to play on its swings and slide.

Tuesday has become somewhat of an old pro at swinging on the swings; just needing a little help both getting on and actually swinging on the swing, she manipulates the chain hung seat with the expertise of a trapeze artist.  Often, Tuesday can be found winding the chains that suspend the swing up so that it spins her around and around, another great trick to be proud of.  Wednesday on the other hand requires much more assistance and supervision.  Still in the exploration phase of her development, Wednesday does not always understand the consequences of her actions and those of certain objects and apparatuses.  Because Wednesday is still in the exploration phase of her development, she exhibits a “daredevil” mentality when she approaches things such as the swings and the slide.  For example, Wednesday can climb up to the top of the slide.  No biggie, a pretty good accomplishment, but nothing too outrageous.  Wednesday also likes to attempt to dismount the slide from the TOP, rather than sliding down as most natives her age do.  This is a problem and prompts more close supervision.

Today, however, Wednesday was interested in swinging. In her swing.  Which is four feet of the ground.  For the most part, this swing is a Godsend.  It is blue plastic, with a red plastic piece that allows buckles to securely fasten in any native that sits in the swing.  And, for the most part, Wednesday is happy with that arrangement.  However, soon, Wednesday’s buckle obsession takes over.

I don’t know what the hell it is about buckles that fascinates Wednesday.  I don’t.  She will sit there for several minutes just playing with the buckles.  Her buckle fascination extends inside the abode as well especially with the buckles that are attached to their adjustable seating apparatuses in the food preparation area.  Anywho, whilst Wednesday is playing with said buckles, I do NOT allow her to swing and a refuse to push her or leave her side.  Tuesday tends to do other things and stick close to where we are.  Usually.  Today, Tuesday was playing on the slide, I believe.  Now, during the time that the natives and I were outdoors, I had a phone conversation with the tribal elders about a particular issue that was of importance at the moment.  Wednesday continued playing with the buckles, attempting to determine just how the damn things worked and I was trying to pay careful attention to her.

Apparently, not careful enough.

In a split second, I had bent down to pick something up off the ground, Wednesday had managed to push away the red piece that connected the buckles to the swing and slide OUT of the swing, which, again, was four feet off the ground.  Catching her movement out of the corner of my eye, I attempted to catch her with my free hand (my other was still holding my phone), however, my strength and speed, not being strong nor fast enough, I merely bounced off her on her way to the ground.  Shit!

Conversation with tribal elders ended.  Crisis unavoidable.

Wednesday did not hit the ground as hard as she could have – at least that’s what I’m telling myself to make me feel better.  Within seconds of her body reaching the ground, the crying and wailing began.  Shit shit.  I lifted her up off the ground, brushed off the pine needles and dirt that had now soiled her clothes and attempted to calm her down.  Fat chance, idiot.  Good going.  Some father of the year you are.  She cried and carried on for some time and I decided that our excursion outside had come to an end.  Gathering up our belongings, I corralled the natives inside, much to Wednesday’s chagrin, and called it a day – outdoors anyway.  Once inside, Wednesday calmed down and is currently munching on some nilla wafer cookies.  Food has a way of fixing things.

So, all things – good or not – come to an end.  Today, the good time being had outdoors on the outdoor exercise apparatus came to an abrupt end and the cause of the end of the excursion outdoor (Wednesday’s crying and carrying on) came to an end inside too.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some and some, well, some get rained out.


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