Day 715: Wednesday Vandalizes Her Resting Chamber Door

It has been just short of one month since last I recorded the activity of the tribe and natives.  Overall, the natives are growing increasingly more active and demonstrating heathen behavior.  You might question my terminology of calling their behavior “heathen” but often times, it is just that.  Heathen.  Primitive. Primal. Whatever you want to call it – the inherent desire to submit to the primal force with in and do what their itty bitty consciences (supposing they have them) tell them to do, often times inflicting some type of affliction or crime on the other. When asked, the natives standard reply comes across very matter-of-fact: “Because I wanted…”  Because I wanted.  If I committed an act each time I “wanted” something, there might be a few less stupid people in this world right now, but I digress.  Yes, indeed, “because I wanted” is the standard excuse for an act of injustice betwixt the natives.

I wish to state here and now that violence of any kind is not tolerated in the tribal abode, or outside for that matter.  Yes, we are a zero-tolerance tribe accepting nothing other than harmonious behavior from the members of the tribe.  However, as was previously stated, there have been some “minor” infractions to this philosophy and they have been tended too, somewhat frequently, depending on the offense.  For example, Tuesday demonstrates frequently her ability to remove her younger sibling from a standing position with the force of her own two hands.  Known commonly as pushing, Tuesday has, on numerous occasions, pushed, with the force equivalent to football linebacker, her younger sibling away, down or into another object to demonstrate her dominance over the inferior, or seemingly inferior native.  This act is always met with a severe reprimand and earns the offender, in this case Tuesday, three to five minutes in the penalty box, or commonly found in any tribal abode, the corner.  And, this punishment is ALWAYS met with mammoth amounts of lamentation by the offender.  Like sobbing, wailing, carrying on – with real tears even – for several minutes.  Once the offender has served their time in the penalty box, or the corner, a come-to-Jesus is held immediately upon their release from their temporary prison.

For purposes of demonstration, I will use Tuesday, as she is the most frequent offender and spends more time out of the two natives in the penalty box for roughing, pushing, slashing, kicking, etc.

Me or the tribal leader: Tuesday…why were you put in the corner?

Tuesday: (Between sobs) Because…I…pushed…Wednesday…

Me or the tribal leader: Tuesday, you know that we don’t push anyone, right?

Tuesday: Yeah….

Me or the tribal leader: So why did you push her?

Tuesday: Because I wanted…

Always the same excuse.  Because. I. Wanted.  Good friggin’ God.  And it’s not like this is the first time she’s been penalized for this offense.  It’s not.  I’d say at least once a week, sometimes more, Tuesday spends time in the penalty box for physically bullying her younger sibling.  And Wednesday?  Well, to a certain degree, I think Wednesday plays into Tuesday’s wrath.  Much the way professional wrestling works, though not staged, Wednesday has learned how to fall and make it look good – and sometimes, when she thinks the act is not being witnessed, she’ll act as though she were thrown across the room by the sheer force of the blow.  Why?  Well, she’s smart for one.  The other?  She likes the attention.  Most times though, the tears from Wednesday are real and are warranted.  Most times.

On to bigger and better crimes.  Today, Wednesday was found – scribbling, doodling, drawing – with pencil on her resting quarters door.  Yup.  On the door.  With pencil.  How did she get said pencil?  Let’s back up some, shall we?

Recently, the tribal leader and the natives took the natives on an excursion to a local shopping establishment and purchased some small notebooks with pencils, both featuring a beloved character of the natives – Hello Kitty.  There were four pencils in total that came in the package from the shopping establishment, only two of which were sharpened and ready for use.  The other two remained in a safe location, out of reach of the natives.  Tuesday was particularly enthused with the pencils and readily filled her notebook with marks and drawings in pencil.  Here’s where Wednesday acquires the pencil, so pay attention.  Tuesday has a habit, and by habit I mean, she better friggin’ stop or we’re going to have words, of carrying her pencil and notebook throughout the tribal abode.  Ok, not so bad.  She also has a bad habit of leaving these items –  randomly – in places that her younger sibling can find them and say draw on WALLS, DOORS, herself, etc.  Tuesday has been reprimanded for leaving these items where her sister can get them previously – multiple times.  So, today’s episode did not come as a surprise, well, it did and it didn’t, when it actually happened.

The tribal leader actually heard the pencil to the door of their resting chambers first and rose immediately to check it out.  Upon observing Wednesday with the offending instrument in hand and confidently drawing on the door, she informed Tuesday that she needed to get down the hallway to her sibling and acquire her pencil from Wednesday.  Tuesday, when informed of what her sibling was doing, let her mouth gape open a minute or two in disbelief.  A frigging shocker! While she was frozen in disbelief (or denial), I rose and attended to Wednesday, who was finishing her gateway masterpiece.


She turned to me and proudly said, “Look – TA-DAAAA!”

I admonished her that this was not acceptable and that it was bad practice to write on anything other than paper.  She apparently was not interested in my concerns and continued showing me her work, exclaiming, “TA-DAAAA!”  Obviously, we have a failure to communicate here.  I confiscated the offending instrument and returned to the food preparation area and confirmed what the tribal leader suspected.

So, long story short, the door still has pencil on it and the use of pencils, at least for now in the tribal abode, has been discontinued, that is, for natives.  I am in hopes that there is some cleaning agent in the tribal abode that will remove the marks created by “The Scribbler” or else we’ll have to purchase a rather large eraser.


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