Day 764: Interrupted Slumber and Overnight Activity of the Natives

The natives, for the most part, sleep continuously overnight; that is, rarely do they awaken prematurely, only to interrupt my own and the tribal leader’s slumbers.  However, on some rare occasions, the natives awaken, usually for some type of ailment or deficiency, and promptly appear at the entrance to our resting chambers, beckoning for assistance.  Most of the time, one occurrence is all that takes place, in one overnight period, and usually, the episode is resolved quickly.  But, again, sometimes, the natives appear to take shifts – tag in and tag out, if you will, taking turns waking and lamenting, waking and lamenting until, at least I, grow weary of the constant barrage of requests, especially in my half conscious state.

Last night was one such night.

The tribal leader had retired to our resting chambers earlier than usual last evening, not feeling well.  After performing some necessary tasks before I could retire such as providing sustenance for the wildlife and clearing the communal eating surface of the previous meal’s remains and utensils.   Prior to this chore, the bedtime ritual for the natives was performed.

The bedtime ritual for the natives has undergone a few changes in recent weeks in that the natives now practice proper oral hygiene before retiring  to their resting quarters.  This is preceded by donning the appropriate sleepwear and dry disposable undergarments.  The natives are quite obsessive about their oral hygiene to the point of fault.  They do require supervision during the exercise so that they do not perform the activity haphazardly.  The natives are also obsessed with hand washing – also to the point of fault.   However, this is another topic entirely and shall be told another time.

Before turning out the light in the natives resting chambers, it has become customary to turn on an electric music producing machine that places lullabies through the night that helps the natives, and in some cases the tribal leader and myself, fall off to their slumbers.  However, last night, it appears that some mischief had been abound prior to the bedtime ritual, for, the cord which provides electricity and thus power to the music playing machine was no longer connected, nor was it visible from my vantage point.  Having little patience for the then situation, it determined that the natives would have to do without the lullabies throughout the night because of their monkey business – a decision that may have just sealed my overnight fate.

Once nestled into their resting quarters, the tribal leader and I make our escape.  Yes, our escape.  In some circles, this arrangement could be construed as a hostage situation where the natives are the captors.  The natives soon fell asleep without the music playing machine, much to my surprise.  I retired to our resting quarters after performing the necessary chores – the time then was about ten o’clock.

I fell asleep reasonably quick – yesterday was a challenging day to say the least.  Tuesday has become increasingly stubborn and continues to bully her younger sibling, for which she has spent several minutes in the corner/penalty box.  Wednesday has taken her elder sibling’s lead and has begun to show signs of disobedience.  Coupled with her elder sibling’s antics, it’s a recipe for disaster – of epic proportions.  However, yesterday, Thursday, was not as bad as some days have been.  Of late, my weeks with the natives have become predictable: Monday is perhaps the best day of the week – not perfect, but for the most part good.  Tuesday is by far, the worst day of the week.  I don’t know what it is – the moon phase, the weather, the price of beans in China – but it tends to be the equivalent to hell on earth.  Disobedience, talking back, pushing, hitting, kicking – it’s like an episode of the View.  Wednesday is normally better than Tuesday, but worse than Monday.  Thursday is usually worse than Wednesday but better than Tuesday.  Friday…Friday is the crap shoot – the variable – the “Please God don’t repeat Tuesday” day of the week.  And there you have it.  The week, broken down into nice manageable chunks.  Phooey.

As I said, I fell asleep fast.  I woke up, at one point, for no particular reason whatsoever and just laid in my resting quarters listening.  Waiting.  Nothing.  At first.

Just as I was drifting back into a heavy slumber, it began.  Tuesday.  Whimpering.  Then wailing.  Lamentations.  Damn it!  So friggin’ close.  So, I got up and attended to the disagreeable native.  I had an idea before I even got to her what her problem was.  Either her knee or her feet hurt.  Tuesday has these “pains” that occur and re-occur, particularly overnight and when she is overtired.  One tylenol pill usually cuts the discomfort, so I grabbed that on my way into their resting quarters.  Sure enough, her feet hurt.  I gave her the tablet, hoping she’d go right back to her slumbers.  Nope.  I quickly herded her out to the tribal living area to the reclining tribal furniture.  I attempted to soothe her pain and quiet her increasingly loud lamentations about her foot.  Soon, she curled up and I brought her back to her sleeping quarters.  Crisis averted.  I returned to my resting quarters.  The time was then 2:09 AM.

I laid in my resting quarters several minutes listening – hoping – praying that she did not make a sound.  However, now, I was having trouble falling back off to my slumbers. Great.  Freakin’ marvelous.  I tossed and turned.  And then, I heard it.  Another voice.  Shit.

Wednesday was now lamenting from her resting quarters – something about her blanket and it being gone.  For the love of God.  I got up and attempted to assist the disagreeable native.  When I arrived in their resting chambers, Wednesday was at Tuesday’s beside, attempting to wake her up.  NOOOOOOOO!  I quickly got her back into her resting quarters and begun the search, half awake and in the dark.  After fumbling for a bit, I found the native’s blanket on the floor, next to her bed.  Thank God.  I gave it back to her, she curled up and made it look like she was going back to her slumbers.  Phew.  Again, I returned to my resting quarters.  The time was now 3:47 AM.  Ugh.

At this point, the tribal leader was now awake, which was good because about fifteen minutes later, Wednesday began lamenting again about something else missing.  How the hell does she know if there’s something missing?  She’s got more stuffed animals with her than she can possibly know what to do with.  Regardless, the tribal leader got up and attended to her needs.

Following that last episode, everything fell quiet.  Thank God.  Part of me is blaming the overnight antics of the natives on the lack of music playing in the background, however, I cannot be sure.  I damn sure am not going to experiment again this evening.  So far, the natives have resumed normal activity this morning, being only mildly cranky.  Except for Tuesday.  She threw a MASSIVE crying fit over…wait for it…veggie sticks.  Yup.  Veggie sticks.  Here’s hoping the day gets better from here…


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