Day 804: Favorable Behavior Prevails with the Natives…So Far This Week

I must admit that normally my posts about the natives are negative in nature – the times when they push my buttons the most are when I resort to this observation recording system as a means of therapy from the constant onslaught against my mental fortitude.  However, today, and in fact, for the past three days, the natives have demonstrated favorable behavior for the most part, blowing my theory of the days of the week and their behavior I have associated with them.  However, I am ever watchful – I am fully aware that at any moment, favorable behavior can transform into hell on earth.

I am considering what has brought on this sudden change in behavior from the normal pattern that I usually experience; perhaps it is brought on by recent experiences with the tribe during the weekend days during the past two weeks.  Perhaps, it is influenced by the weather, especially since the climate has been extremely fair during the past several days.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, the natives have changed their demonic ways and are on a path to enlightenment….perhaps not.

I wish to note that the past three days have not ALL been peaches and cream, hunky dory, easy peasy lemon squeezy – whatever you want to call it.  There have been moments – and I call them moments because they have been brief – where interacting with the natives has been…let’s just say…difficult.  After all, they are natives.

For example, as has been a challenge and a point of contention for as long as I can remember, the natives do not respond well to requests to pick up their toys and playthings from the floor on which they are scattered.  And, by scattered, I mean flung to the corners of the room, complete containers and boxes of pieces and parts, completely uprooted and distributed haphazardly around the tribal living area and their resting quarters.  Yup.  A royal frigging mess.  I normally begin requesting their assistance with cleaning up said mess in the late afternoon hours before the tribal leader returns from her usual avocation.  This is met with blank stares, crickets and the frequently voiced “NO.”   Now, the word “no” is all but prohibited from being spoken from the native’s mouths, particularly when being requested to perform a chore. Even Wednesday, so innocent and meek, often voices her definitive opinion on cleaning up by stating that she will not help clean up the devastation.  Yes, methinks Wednesday is picking up some of Tuesday’s bad habits.  Anywho, this particular exchange goes on for several minutes until I have had enough and begin removing beloved toys from their possession.

Call me mean, call me evil, call me what you will – however, I do want results and I will find out what motivates the natives.  And, often, by taking a particular toy, in Tuesday’s case, it’s her new pink princess pony that she recently acquired and for Wednesday it is one of her little miniature stuffed dachshunds – the ones that she cannot live without.  Yup.  I’m a big old frigging meanie.  However, once they’ve stopped crying, once they’ve stopped fussing and whining – and they actually START picking up, it tends to be a great way to motivate the natives.  Normally, I do give back whatever toy has been taken away, as long as acceptable action on their part is taken to perform whatever chore is required of them.

Aside from the battle of the clean up, this week, thus far has been very favorable in terms of their behavior.  I even had a weak moment and invited the natives to go outside and play for a while because their behavior was so good.   I hope this pattern of behavior continues; I am cautiously optimistic.  Opportunities still remain for the demons inside the natives to rear their ugly heads, however, for now, those demons are no where to be seen.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lois on August 21, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    i helped by visiting and getting rid of some of their excess energy lol …. 🙂


  2. It probably helped, but they’ve been pretty good this week so far. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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