And So, it Comes to an End…

As I sit here and prepare for my first job outside of the home in four years, I have some mixed feelings about the future.  While my time with the natives has been invaluable, and that I would not trade it for the world ten times over, I am excited about actually doing my thing outside of the home and meeting new adult folks.   What has become my “normal” will now become something else; and the natives will adopt a new “normal” as well, a change that will cause the entire tribe to adjust.

I consider myself to be particularly adaptive in that wherever I go, whatever I must do, I adapt quickly and move on with whatever changes are made, however, this change, I think, will be particularly difficult, at least for me mentally than others.  For four years, I have been staying home and working, been, for all intents and purposes, “daycare” for my girls, and become the best housewife that the tribal leader could have hoped for.  Yes, I am domesticated.  Very.  So much so that the only thing separating me from motherhood is truly a uterus.

The natives will go to a daycare center/school that the tribal leader and I decided upon for them.  This facility will provide them with opportunities for learning, social interaction and more exercise and activity than I could provide for them at the tribal abode.  As for me, I will work outside of the home twice a week and work from the tribal abode the other three, for now.  This arrangement seems as though it will work out will for everyone involved, but as I said, it will take some adjustment, particularly with myself and the natives.

While I am looking forward to Tuesday next, I also approach it with some trepidation; I know that upon dropping off the natives at the daycare facility, I will likely be emotional while the natives will hurry off to their activities, not missing a beat.   It’s a good thing I have a long commute to my new job because it will likely be long enough to get my mind off the new routine and placing the natives in someone else’s care.  But still.

They’ve driven me to the brink of insanity and back again.  They’ve said and done things that have made me cringe and laugh; be furious and amused; but most of all needed and loved.  Indeed, Tuesday and Wednesday are, in the end, good little natives, as much as I have complained about their irritating habits and mannerisms.  I will miss my days with them, as hard as that may seem to me now, I will miss it.

So many memories, so many good stories to tell.  For those wondering if this will ever get made into a book, yes.  Yes, indeed.  After 175 blog posts ranging from blown out disposable undergarments to vomiting mishaps to episodes of being locked out of the abode by a native, they will be compiled and delivered to the natives when they are old enough to read and appreciate the adventures had with them when they were very young.

As for you, my faithful readers, thank you for reading my blog and sharing in my adventure with the natives.  It’s been fun for me as well as I’m sure it has been even more fun for you reading my misadventures and experiences.  I am glad that I was urged to create this blog a few years ago for it has given me an outlet for some of my frustrations.   And for those who have encouraged me, supported my efforts, laughed right along at me or with me, thank you. 🙂


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  1. Posted by Linnette on February 1, 2014 at 10:47 am

    What a wonderful gift to your daughters! Best of luck, Jeff!!!


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